A place for everyone.

But also for us.

Bad Rabbit Cafe & Roastery is a family owned, small town coffee shop, eatery, and coffee roaster located just 2 miles off of RT 119 in Scottdale, PA.

Coffee Shop Ambitions

Melville has worked in coffee shops and cafes for most of his life. Coffee is life, some might say. Liz has worked in design and graphic arts, and has been a manager or self employed for most of her time as an adult. Jeff has worked all over, but his passion is cooking and food. Most recently, he worked as a Market Manager for the ill fated local RadioShack stores in the area.

Melville and Jeff had always dreamed about working on something together, as brothers. Food trucks, restaurants, and yes; coffee shops, were frequent discussions at the dinner table. But this came to a head in May of 2021, when a small space opened near home. Quickly, discussions became meetings, meetings became location visits and planning sessions. It might happen.

Unfortunately that location wasn’t to be. But the future was bright.

Naughty Bunny

In August of 2021, Melville was alerted to a coffee shop space in Scottdale being available for sale. After a visit, he called Jeff and Liz to take a look. Less than 3 weeks later, Bad Rabbit was well on it’s way to being real. Papers were signed, painting had begun. But the name. What would we call it.

Well, it was really Melville’s idea. The family has always had bunnies. Back yard rabbits, house bunnies, etc. But the name truly comes from the City of Romance and a bit of luck. During a trip to Paris, he had spent time in a cafe whose name translated to “Fast Rabbit.” During a planning session over dinner, the topic of name arose and Melville said “Bad Rabbit” as a nod to our family bunnies and his time in Paris.

It stuck. There was never another name considered.

The cafe.

Bad Rabbit quickly became a place that the family was spending a lot of time. As any small business owner will tell you, it’s almost easier to have a bedroom in the building than an office. As we learned about the history of the Louck’s Hardware building and the town of Scottdale, we knew the atmosphere we were looking for. We needed something that everyone could enjoy.

It could be loud and boisterous. It could quiet and peaceful. It had to be vibrant and calm. A place where parent could bring their kids to play games and have fun, but also where contracts could be signed and meetings held.

Bad Rabbit needed to be for everyone. So that’s what it is. A place that is welcoming and available. A place where you can make friends or just read a book. At Bad Rabbit we believe in something as simple and pure as day and night. With good coffee and good food, you can make it through anything.