Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order online?

To place a product in your shopping cart, select any options (e.g. size and quantity), then click the “ADD TO CART” button. You can access your cart by clicking the shopping cart icon in the upper right corner of your screen.

Items added to the shopping cart are not reserved until you proceed to checkout.

When it’s time to complete your order, be sure to review all of the items in your shopping cart. Click “REMOVE ITEM” if you want to remove any products from your cart. Click “CHECKOUT” when you’re ready to complete your purchase.

Do you accept refunds or returns?

At Bad Rabbit, our goal is to make you happy. While the perishable nature of our food products prevent us from accepting returns, we ask that you contact us within 48 hours of receiving your order so we can ensure your complete satisfaction.

For physical items such as cups, candles, or apparel; we can accept returns under limited circumstances with shipping at the customer’s expense.

My estimated delivery date has passed but my order hasn’t arrived?

If your estimated delivery date has passed without receiving your product, please let us know via the contact form or by emailing info@badrabbitcoffee.com

Will an item be back in stock?

If an item is out of stock we will do our best to return it to our active inventory ASAP. For more detailed information, please feel free to fill out our contact form or email info@badrabbitcoffe.com

In terms of coffee, we rotate our bean selection based on what is in season and what is readily available. Because we ethically source all of our coffee, supplies of certain coffees can be limited.

How long does coffee last?

So long as it remains sealed, whole bean coffee is typically good for 6-9 months. Once opened, we recommend using it within 3-4 months if kept in a sealed, airtight container.

Ground coffee has a shelf life of 2-3 months while it is sealed. After opening, we recommend brewing it within 4-6 weeks so long as it’s stored in a sealed, airtight container.

Is your coffee ethically sourced and fair trade certified?

Short answer. Yes. We only order green (raw) coffee from family owned farms that are certified under guidelines higher than the current international fair trade standards.